Thursday, October 01, 2009


here are three layouts I completed today. Lucas was up last night with what looked like bug bites all over his torso. So that means I was up as well, and I am sure feeling it today. I need more coffee and a little nap wouldn't hurt...hmmm coffee and a nap don't really seem to go together! oh well. plus dinner-plans don't seem likely to happen. maybe Russ will have a genius idea.

(photo removed for publication purposes)
I am really in love with the new Sassafras, as you can plainly see. But I've also been using some old stuff from my stash thrown in for good measure. And since I've been trying to put things back where they belong, it's taking me less time to get stuff done and it's way less stressful when it comes to clean up time. I still have a giant mess following me everywhere I go, but that's just something I will always have to live with.

I am working at the Creative Stitches show this weekend at the Treasured Memories booth. Friday morning and Saturday, all day. Maybe I'll see you there! Plus, my aunt has invited me to some Close to My Heart party on Friday night...but she told me it was free and said there would be booze (hopefully also free), so I'm okay with that!

Drama continues with the Playschool Board. C'mon people, it's only Playschool. I mean, really.

I can't believe it's October already. I have Lucas' Halloween costume planned out, so now it's just a matter of me following through. But Halloween is on a Saturday this year, so I will have all day to make it! Ha!

I really think this year will be the one I finally get some nice fall pictures of the family. I always forget, or put it off, or something else comes up and then everything dies and the snow falls and I'm stuck. This year...

Thanksgiving is coming up...I can't stand Thanksgiving. I wish we had plans to go out of town. All the family get-togethers and the food and the sitting around waiting and doing drives Russ & I crazy. My friend Ashley and her family have the right idea...they go to Banff and shop and wander for three days. We went one year, and it was so wonderful! But it seems to me that the trip was cheap because we had a "coupon" or something, so it's unlikely to happen again any time soon. Heck, I would take any trip anywhere if it meant I didn't have to be here.

Am hoping to get some other crafting done today. Am making a little something-something for Miss Chantel today...I promised her some fun mail and I haven't delivered! Next week I promise (revised promise). And maybe for others as well! Ooh Fun!!!

I should go. I really wasn't joking about needing more coffee. It's getting close to my sleepy time, which has been getting worse and worse lately (I think it's because of the changing seasons) and I really don't want to have to take a nap today. What am I? Old? Don't answer that if you know what's good for you!

so here are some pictures from the last little bit...enjoy!
some of my latest Value Village finds. I also got a cute little binder, and some clothes.
one of my latest photo shots. set up the Gorilla tripod on the fence and just started snapping.
Lucas was having fun too!
Am wearing some new and new-to-me clothes. this was my wardrobe remix for the week.

My new fabulous present from my fabulous hubby.

Lucas & I outside of Brewsters on my birthday. That's Tardis in the background.
at Mom's for my birthday last saturday. there was a smudge on the lens, so all my pictures from that night are kind of cloudy.
lucas in his red sweater, that used to be Russ' sweater. his grandma made it for him.
thanks for stopping by. feel free to say hi!
later skater alligator

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  1. Hey Lisa, good to hear I'm not the only one who hates
    I'm going to my ex's for turkey. the things we do for our kids!
    Have fun at the show, we had ours in Calgary last weekend.


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