Sunday, October 04, 2009


I am terribly excited today! And I think I will remain that way for sometime...

And here's why...

At the Creative Stitches show yesterday, I brought in a couple of my layouts to enter in their page contest. $2 gets your layout in, all money going to the Stollery. They do a draw for a prize, so I figured I didn't have much chance in winning because some of the ladies at the Crop had submitted half a dozen layouts! But oh well...

So later in the afternoon, I heard a bunch of cheering over at the Crop space. I thought someone might be winning things, so I headed over there. As I was getting closer to the crowd I saw some of the Canadian Scrapbookers ladies, and I couldn't quite understand why they were holding my layout. Then they called my name, so I cheered. And they waved me right on up to them. And told me I had won. And I'm like, won what? And they start telling me about this new Stampin Up die cut machine and a bag and YOU'RE GOING TO BE PUBLISHED IN CANADIAN SCRAPBOOKER MAGAZINE. And so I screamed and jumped up and down...and then they took a picture of all of us, and I just kept on giggling and screaming and jumping up and down! So they took me over to the booth, and one lady asks me if I know what I won, and I'm like heck no! So they showed me...

It's this giant Sixxix Machine, that can use any die out there. And it cuts fabric and metal and chipboard and it's fricken heavy! And it's worth a whole lot of money! Oh my! Plus I get this fancy bag to keep it in. And one die (a flower I think). Unfortunately, the handle is missing so I hope I get that cleared up soon so I can play!

Oh, and I'M GETTING PUBLISHED! I didn't win a draw, I won a judged contest! A bunch of the Canadian Scrapbooker ladies that were there, plus the fun Christy Riopel from Monday Night Classes went through all the entries and picked their favourite. And that was mine!

(photo removed for publication purposes)

Christy said she loved everything about it: the mess, the way I wrote my journaling sideways, the fact that I used "F"s for "T"s...and then Jackie Ludlage, one of the Head Honchos told me she adored my stuff and wondered why they haven't seen anything from me. And I told her I had never ever submitted anything. So then her, Connie and Katharina got on my case and told me that this is my door and that they really want me to start submitting because they want my stuff. the way I am still in total shock at this point and am shaking and walking around with a stupid grin on my face and pretty much just nodding when anyone says anything to me!

K.C. and Chan were both very excited for me. When K.C. saw me with my big bag, she thought I had yoinked somebody's bag and was playing a trick on them! HA! And Leica Forrest was excited and she really like my layout as well and told me she had always liked my stuff!

So I'm flying sky-high today! Jackie took my layout so she can get some good pictures. I get a copy of the magazine as well. I know I said I never wanted to get published, but this was some kind of strange fate thing, and I am totally going to ride this one out and see what comes from it.

later skater alligator,

P.S. Happy Birthday Lisa & Nadine. If I get my act together, you'll get your Birthday Fun Mail sometime next week!


  1. about time girlie!! your stuff rocks the house!!

  2. Yeah!!! I love how excited you are. I read your email without taking a breath... because I imagine that's how it was written!! So pumped for you!

  3. That rocks! I am so excited for you, congratulations!

  4. Wow, congrats!!!

  5. Congrats Lisa! Enjoy your time in the spotlight.

    Oh,and that machine will be lots of fun for you. I saw it demoed at the SU convention I went to. You will love it!

  6. Lisa!! That is so awesome! You totally deserve to win!

    P.S. I cannot wait for Saturday's class!


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