Friday, October 09, 2009

i'm in love with this girl that's got my head electrified

Today I am thinking of...

Replacing all of my coffee mugs with vintage ones, in every colour.

Swanky Lady (again)

Good Vintage


Sweet Love Vintage

And I want this above my fireplace.
from Surrender Dorothy

Or maybe this...from Splendor in the Trash

most popular paint by number stuff on Etsy, in no particular order:
1. Horses
2. Kitties & Puppies
3. Landscapes
4. Flowers and apples (still life stuff)
4. Jesus

I popped some fun mail in the box this morning...actually it's more like belated-birthday-mail, but this will just be our little secret. And I still have one more package to put together. I made up one of my new little things, and it actually works, and once I saw it completed I didn't want to give it away. And I've been making new notebooks too...ones with old lined paper and construction paper as well. They are mighty fine.

I did up a little watercolour yesterday of my dream tree...that's the giant tree that grows just outside my fence. I wanted to capture it in all it's summer-to-fall-transition glory before all the leaves fall off. And I added some pink, purple and red balloons just for fun! It's actually kind of pretty, and even Russel seemed to like it! Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles.
I bought some watercolour pencils at Value Village awhile back, and while they are in rough shape, they still work and they were a fraction of the cost of new ones.

I started making a felt leaf banner last night, kind of like this one, c/o Elsie

So far all I have done is cut out some leaf-ish shapes and put them in order. I haven't quite figured out how I am going to sew them together (am thinking of using some of the el-cheapo white wool I have buckets of). I am also in the mood to start pulling out my Halloween decorations from last year. I needed a project for the new Riff Raff shapes, and since Lucas doesn't really "do" Halloween (that means he's really Russel's kid!), and I don't have any pictures handy of when I was a kid, I'm doing up a spooky canvas series. All greens and blacks, with some vintage paper if i can swing it. I'm getting excited about playing with paint and stuff on a canvas, because it has been months and months since I've done anything like that! We'll see if I still remember what to do.

Right now my computer at home is in a fitful sleep...I have my internet tabs all filled up with vintage eye glasses from etsy...I am trying to decide on a pair to buy and get some real lenses put in so I can wear them all the time and be laughed at even more than I already am!

Things I could never live without: kisses from Lucas. they are the best things ever in the world to make a happy day happier, and a sad day bearable. Giant mouth, grabs my head, tries to bite me, giggles and wiggles. loves.

Whatever happened to that little calendar I was going to make myself? Or all the other things that end of on my to-do list, only to disappear into the Narnia wardrobe of my life. I still haven't found my door sketch for the Etsy shop that I lost at the beginning of summer. I have no excuse, except that I am like the scarecrow with no brain. yeah.

Got a Girl Crush? Yes...yes i do.

***potty break***

I want to find a nice coloured, grey, green...preferably short sleeved because long-sleeves make my arms look likfe sausages. Might stop by a thrifty-store on the way home today and just have a peek. Am very inspired by this outfit:

I would love to be the girl who wears skirts and looks "pretty". but mostly I'm just the girl who wears jeans with holes in them, scarves all the time (I need more scarves...would be a great investment!), and would wear a Star Trek t-shirt everyday if only it was work appropriate.
But I can try, and I can take baby steps, and I can read fashion-y type blogs every now and again and I can dream.
Love the Ellen Page quote from the new movie coming out (Whip It).
In response to some girl who says: "looks like you've become alternative now"
she says: "alternative to what?"
yes, sometimes that's how I feel. what makes me so special, so different...I see special everywhere.

some guy from one of our big suppliers/owner of our loans is coming up today to drop off some papers. he called about 5 minutes ago wondering if I wanted anything from the Tim's downstairs! how sweet. makes me wish i had put makeup on this morning...but not enough to make me actually put makeup on while I'm waiting. tee hee!

I'm so starving. still have one half hour left to go before I can sneak away. Russ & I are going to try to go to a matinee this afternoon. Don't ask me what we're going to see, we just need a movie date! Am thinking maybe Whip It or Couples Retreat...but first I need some lunch and some Value Village shopping to tide me over.

happy thanksgiving to everyone...which reminds me...I need to buy some buns for Grannie's dinner tomorrow night. That's my grocery item: buns. That's really about all I can be trusted with. Please don't make me cook anything, or assemble anything. Unless it comes ready to eat, Lisa should not be responsible. But I can buy a bag of buns like a pro!

k. m signing off now. am going to webber a little more, then head home to hubby and soup, then movie(?) then Riff Raff stuff, then post totw, then eat, then rent movie, then sleep.

later skater alligator

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