Wednesday, September 09, 2009


today is a special day. it is september 9th, 2009: 09-09-09. pretty cool huh!?

today was also Lucas' first day back at playschool. he was very excited, did not freak out once, and he even let me take a couple of pictures of him! wow! will have to scrapbook those tonight if I have a moment.

you know you're a scrapbooker when: you "plan" your kid's back-to-school outfit based on what will look good with your supplies! oh my...

Hey...if anyone out there is interested in taking some Scrapbooking classes in Edmonton, please check out this blog: TM Classes. I have created all these super cool classes for the fall and as of yet, I only have one student. boo hoo. i'm going to start getting desparate and do something crazy!

these are my crafty & ambitious "goals"...
- create an online magazine
- make a fabric penant banner
- make a monogram pillow case
- get one layout published in a magazine (I know, I know...)
- sell one item on Etsy (better more than one, but I've got to start somewhere)

right now (2:53pm) I am on hold with Greyhound Courier...and have been for the past HOUR!! wow... all I want to do is send two lousy packages. argh and argh.

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  1. I have so planned what the kids are going to wear based on scrap stuff! Love it!


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