Friday, July 17, 2009

sweet bliss of solitude


Today is going to be a slow, wonderful day. I want to go play in the sunshine. And drink something cold and slushy. And take pictures of clouds. And paint and build more shelves. I miss my son already...he's on the road to Calgary with his grand grandparents. Dinner with my Russel tonight...we still don't know where we're going, but that has never stopped us from having fun!


Tomorrow I am off to this with her. I know it's just a craft fair, but I am very excited. I don't know what to expect, but that's half the fun. I have made an art/craft decision. Monumental. Write home about it. Hmmm...shared only within my art journal, which finally has a home (sort of). And that reminds me I forgot to bring my layouts to work so I could punch holes in them. Looks like I'm borrowing some company property for the weekend!

Here are some previews of what I am shopping for:
Monkey 100 t-shirts with a sustainable story to them.
Salgado Fenwick awesome shirts.
Roy Was Here. Weirdness illustrated
Shining Sun Gardenworks

Olga Cuttell
Tall Buildings...super hero wear for kids!

and more and more. now I am even more excited to go...but I had better stop off at the bank first!

How wonderful are her pictures? Yummy Polaroids. It's very sad that Polaroids are going the way of the dinosaurs. Very sad.


I need to have some doilies. For reasons that are as of yet unknown to me. I know I have some kicking around the house...but where are they. I have this funny feeling/impression of doilies. Everytime we go to Edmonton's Heritage Festival (which we might miss this year because of a camping trip & I am sad) I have a little inside joke running. You can buy a most fabulous pointy hat from the Vietnamese. Or a beautiful wool sweater from the Chileans. And learn about Arab science and exploration. And then you get to the European tents and the sea of DOILIES. That all the cultures of the world have given us so much: art, science, strange and wonderful musical instruments, colour. And they display these in their pavilions...which most people bypass for the food! but that's not the point of this point. And the not-as ancient cultures of Europe have given us sausage and doilies. At least that's how I see it through the lens of the Heritage Festival. Anyhoo, back to my original point. I need to get me some doilies. It's in my blood!


I'm thinking I might make some cookies tonight. Yum. And maybe panckaes for breaky tomorrow. Double yum!


Just had my regularly schedule Friday chat with my Dad. And he got me feeling bad about all the non-work I've been doing today. So I'm going to finish my lunch, log off here, and get it taken care of.


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