Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Quickie

I am so not terribly excited for new CHA stuff to come. It just doesn't interest me this year as it has for previous shows. I am excited to see the new Hambly...mostly just the doilies. If you can even imagine this, colourful stickers just aren't my thing.

I am sending out some fun mail this week. So keep your eyes on your mailboxes. I made a bunch of cute little simple-simple minis on Saturday that I shared with Chan, Lindsay and Kara. They loved them, so now I must make more and share them with the world.

I took no pictures this weekend. Lucas & I played at the park in the morning yesterday, then just hung out inside where it was cool. Dinner at Dad's. Last Sunday dinner for my brother who is moving to Victoria and I am very sad & I don't like it. Russ went to the Indy for most of the day.

Saturday was my last Saturday at TM. It was a quiet day. I will miss it, mostly just because of Lindsay. I will miss Lindsay. She bought me my fave Starbucks frap as a going away present. Thanks miss. Your hair looks amazing, by the way.

Am done at work right away. this was a short post, just to say hello. I did a bunch of journaling on Sunday both "art" and "regular" is so nice to clear my head in a place where I don't have to answer to anyone and that no one will ever see. Very nice. I don't feel like exclamation points. melancholy and the infinite sadness.

today happy=Torchwood repeats starting on Tuesdays & magnetic chalkboard paint.

later peeps...


  1. I will miss you too! The only fun thing about saturdays is you!

  2. Hey....i love those dolies those are pretty darn awesome..


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