Friday, June 26, 2009

now's not the time

I was so busy at work today. Payroll time again and feeling majorly stressed because it was my first full payroll without Dianne! Yikes! It took me the whole morning, but I think I got it all right...if not, I'll be hearing about it all next week! Those ladies don't hold back when it comes to making sure their paycheque is 100% correct!

I'm working on a cool project for my wedding layouts (for Amy's wedding, but I think this is a cool idea for any event!). I've got some kinks to work out as it stands right now, but I'm hoping to post it as the Techneek next week (or the week after)

Not much else to report. We're getting the car Tuesday, not Sunday. Our salesman is going out of town (family emergency) and we want to deal with him, so we're waiting.

Have to go pick up Russel.


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  1. does this mean you are coming to count on sunday??? ;) HaHa but seriously though????

    love ya!


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