Monday, June 01, 2009

another monday

here i am. another weekend come and gone. work was AWESOME on Saturday! I made another headband (i know I haven't shared the first, but it's coming!) and the most wonderful KC made me the most rad wrist cuff! She is a mad crocheter! the only time I've taken it off since I put it on was for my shower this morning! I LOVE IT!!

Watched some of The Lost Boys last night. Now that is a good vampire movie! Add in the Coreys, some awesome 80s hair and fashion, awesome music (the greasy bod playing a saxohone at the beginning is priceless!!!), and those hot vampires and you've pretty much got yourself the best movie! Maybe not ever, but it ranks high up on my list.

Went and checked out some live music yesterday morning. Rob's new girlfriend plays in a string quartet that one of my good friends also plays in (small world), so we went to the Blue Chair Cafe to watch and eat. The food was okay, very pricey, but the music was great! They play some classical, but also lots of contemporary stuff (Beatles, Cold Play, theme from Star Wars, etc.). The waitress hated me because I ordered Bacon and Eggs...just bacon and eggs, which is not on the menu for some reason (hello...BREAKFAST!!). She got yelled at by the kitchen. But they can just suck it! I didn't want to spend $13 on some boring pancakes and I hate eggs benny. And my other choices weren't much better.

I am a simple breakfast person. I like bacon and eggs (or ham and eggs), some toast or a bagel and coffee and I'm a happy camper.

Best breakfast places in E-town:

- New York Bagel Cafe on Gateway and 84 ave (just north of Whyte). they have the BEST bagel breakfasts, tonnes of yummy treats to choose from. and their house coffee is the most perfect espresso with steamed milk on the side. It's tiny and you might end up sitting at a table with strangers, but it has the best almost forget you're still in Edmonton. Also, if you order water they bring an old blue wine or sparkling water bottle to your table filled with tap water...LOVE IT!
- Route Ninety Nine on 99 street and 88 avenue. They have normal breakfasts, and a nice full menu too. And it's inexpensive. And it's a fun 50s themed diner with records on the walls and pictures of elvis, marilyn, etc. And the service is fast and good.

Anybody have any other suggestions? I'm always looking out for a good place to take the fam for Sunday breakie!


P.S. Somebody better comment on one of my posts here...I'm getting anxious.


  1. I comment on your posts but you don't even read my blog anymore Apparently I'm not cool anymore since I don't work there. Humph.

  2. poor juli...truth be told, I can't remember to allow myself access! I am a duh-head. DUH!


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