Thursday, May 31, 2018

Running Adventure

Last Sunday, I ran 10km in the Rocky Mountain Soap Company's Women's Run in Canmore, Alberta. Here is my story.

I've only been in Canmore two times. One was for a pit stop on our way to BC, and the other was for a stagette, so I've never seen much of town! We drove down on Saturday, arriving at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge - basic accommodations, super clean, great location - around dinner time. This is the view from where we parked the car in the motel/hotel parking lot.

BFF & I headed downtown for dinner at the Grizzle Paw Brewing Company, and ended up having quite the large meal! I mean, check out his side of poutine!

Am I the only person who stops on a railroad track for a selfie with the mountains in behind?

I was super nervous, and couldn't get to sleep. But before I knew it, it was time to get up for Race Day! Due to the fact that I can't read instructions, we were up way too early. Dan had time to wander up the road to McDonald's for breakfast, while I ate my pre-made oatmeal out on a bench watching the sun come up over the mountains.

The site of the run was the Canmore Nordic Centre, which is located up above the townsite. The organizers ran shuttle buses from their partner hotels (ours was one), up to the site, so we didn't have to worry about driving. Although, that meant that Dan took on the role of pack mule for the rest of the morning! The site is absolutely lovely, and the organizers did a great job. There were a few vendors, a massage area for after the race, a sunscreen top-up booth,

We waited in a very long line to pick up my race bib, and then I got the best biggest squeeze from my Jasper-sweetheart Nicole! That's her in the middle, and her friend Evan on the left. They made the trek down to run this morning as well, but they camped last night! 

And then it was time to get my game face on, because it was time to run! The course was beautiful and challenging, with lots of hills. The heat of the day made it a little tougher as well. The 10k runners were out of the gate first, with the 5k on our heels. There were a few water stations on the course, and lots of well-wishers cheering us on.
There was one section of the course where the tree cover opened up and you could see the whole town of Canmore! It was so breathtaking, that I just had to stop. So I slowed down, got that big goofy grin plastered to my face, and drank in the sight.

This next sign is super important. Every step past this sign, is the farthest I have ever run in one go.

There was a gal that I was keeping pace with for the final lap. She gave me a nice smile when I stopped at this sign.

The finish line in sight! Finally! My face matches my shirt colour cause that's what all the cool kids are doing...?

I didn't get any photos of myself crossing the finish line BUT I would like to point out that I had the best, loudest, handsomest person calling my name as soon as I got close. And once I entered the chute, there were Nicole and Eva cheering for me too! Gosh, that was fabulous. Just the push I needed to finish strong.

And when I finished I got a sweet goodie bag full of Rocky Mountain Soup Company goodies, and an ice cold washcloth that smelled divine. And Organic Box was there with free fruit.

I am so grateful for being able to hang with Nicole & Eva, and for them cheering me through the finish line. I am so stinking proud of myself for completing the 10km, and just for pushing through all the stuff in life to make this a commitment I could see through.

Unfortunately, the chip in my bib didn't work, so my time wasn't registered officially. BUT BUT BUT BUT IT STILL COUNTS IN MY HEART GUYS! Corntastic.

But seriously, I have the running bug, and now that I've got my first 10k under my belt, I just wanna sign up for every 10k that crosses my lap! Anybody out there need a running buddy?


My trucker hat is from One Lane Road
My awesome purple bandanna is from apriltwoeighty quilts

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