Thursday, January 18, 2018

One Little Word 2018 - Connect with Myself

"It's about pace and intention, the senses and the symbols. It's about the meaning we imbue into an object or an act rather than a script we inherit." - Courtney E. Martin

I became very interested in what I called "Daily Practices" last year, for my One Little Word (Action). I noticed early on in the year that when I pursued some habits, or daily activities, my mind was not only more focused on the task at hand, but I had more mental bandwidth for other things.

This year I wanted to be more purposeful with these "Daily Practices" and how I could turn them into rituals that would in turn allow me to connect more deeply with myself - my passions, hopes, fears, desires, feelings, and goals.

Some of the rituals I am exploring look more like how most people imagine a ritual to look. Burning sage, tarot cards, crystals, and a repeated mantra. I don't necessarily follow along with the mystical side of crystals and tarot, but I find that focusing on an item, repeating a simple phrase (example: "Today is going to be an awesome Thursday"), and practicing meditative breathing has huge benefits for my mental well being, and how I mentally prepare for a day or an event.

I have this little "altar" set up in my bedroom. Crystals purchased from a little gem store in Jasper, rocks and shells collected on a trip to the sea, glitter, baby teeth, and a little wood elephant that Lucas coloured as part of a school project when he was younger. And taped to my mirror are phrases that inspire, motivate, and empower me. My altar reflects things that are significant to me, and while there is always room for more items, I also don't want it to feel cluttered or full.

When I wake up early enough, I take a moment before I leave for work to meditate, speak an empowering phrase about what I want my day to look like, and read a Mary Oliver poem. It takes me about 5 minutes in total, and it is amazing how such a short period of focused time can be such a game changer.

Right now my only obstacle is my own ability to make time for these rituals, which is something I really struggled with last year as well. I don't believe in "work-life balance" or "how to have it all" when it comes to being a mom who works outside the home, but I do believe in being more intentional about how I spend my time and energy with my son and with the things that fuel me.

I would love to hear about your Daily Practices and Rituals!

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