Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Scrapbooking - Christmas in September

Cannot, will not get over the fact that in retail, Christmas starts as early as July. So while I should not have been surprise to receive a Christmas line in my most recent Treasured Memories Design Team package, but I was.

For someone who doesn't really "do" Christmas scrapbooking, I did okay with these ones!

Pulled out some of my fun embossing powders to finish off these chipboard stars. I forgot how much I love playing with this kind of thing.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Google Photos and their easy collage making feature? 'Cause I LOVE IT! I selected the photos I wanted in the collage, clicked "make collage" and presto chango, I had a lovely collage! An easy download then upload to the London Drugs online photo lab, and I've got a really cool and easy way to add a lot of photos to one layout.

My 100 Days of Watercolour Whatevers (see my Instagram) has inspired me to add watercolour to my other art and crafting. I was struggling with finding letter stickers to use for this title, but who needs letter stickers when you can make your own!

As part of my current minimalism challenge, I have been sorting through my scrapbooking supplies, and being kind of ruthless with what stays and what goes to the Reuse Centre. This also - thankfully - means that I am discovering cool old supplies I forgot I had, and using them in my layouts and mini albums.

The gal who runs the December Daily project that I take part in is already selling kits, and her design team is already prepping their albums! But I think that this is the only Christmas scrapbooking I will be doing until December 1st, thank you very much!


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