Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Travel Journal - Iceland 2017

I wanted to document our weekend in Iceland in detail, so I knew my daily Moleskine wouldn't be sufficient, and I was continuing my #100daysofstampcarving throughout so I needed somewhere to test the stamps I created. I ended up bringing a dedicated book that would work as a journal as well as a place for stamping!

A note about Field Notes:
BFF bought me a three pack of the Moon Field Notes awhile back, and I have been using one as a simple notepad. The paper is divine - a perfect colour, pattern and smoothness - for both writing and stamping. And it turns out there are just enough pages to document a weekend trip!

What's In My Travel (Journal) Bag:
- Field Notes Memo Book
- An assortment of pens, both fine points to use for journaling and pens to add extra colour
- Ranger Archival Ink Pad, jet black
- Stamp carving rubber, scraps
- Carving tool (in my checked bag!)
- A few stamps I had already carved
- Paperclips
- Instax camera & extra film

Blah blah blah let's get to the photos.

Other Things to Consider in a Travel Journal:
- I didn't want to risk having my carving tool confiscated, so I put it in our checked bag. I didn't bring any scissors along, but those would have gone into my checked bag as well.
- Since I had to pack everything in my small backpack, I was limited to the amount of supplies I could bring, which actually enhanced my creativity!
- I LOVE using stamps in a travel journal, so bringing some of my already carved stamps might have taken up a bit more space, but it was worth it. I did try and be very mindful of the stamps I brought - ones that could be used as a title, basic shapes (heart, circle), and ones that represented things I might see on my trip (mountains).
- I am still getting comfortable sketching and drawing while traveling, so I didn't put too much pressure on doing a lot of that on this trip. That, and there just wasn't a lot of time to sit and sketch...we were kept busy by our limited time period. I did a couple of doodles, and let my Instax take up the bulk of the visual storytelling in the journal.
- Paperclips are excellent when you pick up memorabilia or want to attach your Instax photos to a certain page in your journal without using a more permanent method (stapler or glue). Also saves you from having to bring a stapler + extra staples, or a glue stick or other adhesive. And you can always change your mind when you get home about how you want to store or display your photos or other memorabilia.

I think that's all I want to say about that. I've talked your damn ear off haven't I? Any thoughts or questions about travel journaling can go in the Comments and I'll get back to you!



  1. Perhaps, adding an exacto knife with a short(ened) handle in the checked luggage so that you don't need to use the ninja Cheese knife in the air BNB 🤔👍

    1. I forgot about the CHEESE KNIFE! Thanks for reminding me BFF. KAPLA!

  2. Love it. I love your drive to take all these notes and record your stories & adventures.
    I bought a little travelers journal for my daily "invest" photos.... now to use it.

    1. That's so exciting! I've been eyeing the Traveler's notebooks for some time now. I am a compulsive journaler. I have such a terrible memory and I find that while I may never go back and read my journals, they help me feel more connected with my days and my past.


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