Tuesday, April 04, 2017

One Little Word 2017 - Action in Action

What am I doing?

Why am I doing this?

What do I want to get out of this project?

What do I want to do with my word?

What does ACTION mean to me?

These are questions I have been trying to answer since I started the One Little Word (OLW) project in January.

They aren't answered yet, but I am sitting easier with them.

Some days they are impossible and I can't tell if I'm doing anything of value with/for my word.

And yet when I sit down and think about what I have been doing, I can see my word influencing me everyday.

Funny how that works.

This month in Ali Edward's One Little Word workshop, we are creating questions that explore our word, writing them down on sticky notes, and posting those notes somewhere super visible in order to best mull over these questions for the rest of the month/for the rest of forever.

These are my questions to myself so far. Right now, I have them posted in my work notebook so I can add to them throughout the day as I think of things. They are already helping me see where I am succeeding with my word, which I hope will lead further into how I can expand and improve upon my OLW habits.


image sources: 
TOP is from Get To Work Book
bottom is from Instagram and is attributed to Gandhi, but I am NOT a fan of Gandhi, so I just cut that part off...

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  1. You are ROCKING this OLW thing! You are ROCKING this life thing. Go Lisa Go.


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