Thursday, January 19, 2017

Big Messy Flowers + Vintage Vinyl Stand

There is nothing quite like finishing a fun project and then waiting 6 months to blog about it...

I received this perfectly beautiful vintage vinyl stand from my friend Erika (cause she knows I like old things + records), but the top was kind of un-useable for like putting things on and stuff.

So I had my trusty carpenter BFF cut a top to fit. We attached it to the metal brackets on the shelf using some other brackets and screws underneath. And then I had a top. But that wasn't where my plan ended...

...obviously, or else that would be a really boring blog post.

I mean, the actual blog post resulting from this project is going to be borderline boring, but here we are. Can't split hairs anymore. Gotta just roll with it.

Here we go!

(My living room has been re-arranged 2-3 times since these photos were taken...I have a problem...)

I'm not a fan of sharing my (failed) DIY projects on the blog anymore, but I think this counts more as sharing my art, which I am definitely a fan of!


p.s. For a laugh, try searching the DIY label on the right there. Ugh, what was I even thinking?!

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