Monday, August 22, 2016


This morning I read on Facebook that a special gal in the Alberta scrapbooking industry passed away suddenly on the weekend. She was about my age (give or take), and she was a beloved member of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. They lost a member of their tribe...

So I immediately thought of my tribe and I texted them to tell them the news. And to tell them that I love them.

Hey gals. Thanks for being in my corner. And for including me in your lives, your hearts. I cheer when you soar, and I cry when your heart breaks. And I am stronger every day because of you.

I am sending all my love out to Christy's Tribe...stay strong ladies. And hold on to each other.



  1. This totally made me tear up, you girls mean so much to me. The thing about loss is it makes you really appreciate your relationships and little moments that much more. Thanks you for this post and your friendship.


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