Friday, January 15, 2016

#bffandredtakeyvr - Obligatory Fashion Post

Must haves on a YVR vacation in Janary:
- Blundstones, for all the walking
- Alpaca socks, see above
- Adventure Hat, because "Adventure" (duh)
- Easy layers (probably some plaid in there)
- Alpaca socks!

Vancouver is a weird fashion city. SO MUCH ACTIVE WEAR! And since the weather is cold but also not cold, people are wearing sneakers and capris with bare legs, but they've got their parka, scarf and toque on as well.

We stumbled upon this amazing hat store in Yaletown. Goorin Brothers has been around for ages, and goodness me I just googled them and see they have a store in Calgary. Eeep! Sorry, got sidetracked (again) by the cute hats.

Oh man, you guys, I have had a thing for hats ever since elementary school. I have a history of buying hats as souvenirs on trips. But not on this trip. BFF could find a hat in there for cheap, but no luck for me. I tried on as many as possible, and I ooohd and aaaahd over all of them, before putting them back on their cute little stands and walking out empty handed.

Another must have for a vacation to YVR is an Adventure Buddy!

BFF got a lot of "take a photo of me in front of that _________ " on this trip.

He doesn't flinch anymore when I ask him to take a photo of me. Actually, I don't know if he ever has. He might chuckle, but that usually just means he is taking more photos than I asked for...

BFF rarely takes photos on his phone, but he bought a fancy Instax last year for special occasions. Turns out that means taking photos of me looking beautiful...not because I asked him too, but because he wanted to. [heart-eyed-emoji]


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  1. Dear Dan,
    Thank you for loving Lisa and taking all these photos of Lisa & her happiness.


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