Monday, November 30, 2015

'Tis The Season...or whatever

I was going to post some more "feelings" here about Christmas, but let's just say that I have a hard time with Christmas and leave it there!

But this year I am excited for it! In fits and spurts, of course, but it's there most of the time.

So I thought that instead of explain why it's okay if Christmas sucks in your life (which would be helpful to people), I am going to write about why I'm excited about Christmas this year! Which is more helpful to me and my sanity! Yay!

1. Activities!
There are so many things happening in Edmonton to help celebrate the season. So. Many. Things! And I'm going to go to as many as I can, and not feel stressed about the ones I miss. I also want to do stuff at home like watch Christmas movies, and make eggnog. Even if I have to enjoy them by myself. I think sometimes we forget that single people celebrate Christmas too. And that solitude is a-okay!
Coming up this week: Legislature Light Up on Thursday, Goodbye Hello party at the Royal Alberta Museum on the weekend, Luminaria at Devonian Botanical Gardens on Saturday.

2. December Daily
I almost finished my December Daily last year, and it was the closest I ever got. This year I have a better system in place, and I've collected lots of supplies so I don't have to go searching for anything, and I'm just going to see what happens. No pressure. Looking back through last year's album reminded me that it was one of the best Christmases I've had in a long time. And I intend on making sure this year's beats the record!

3. Putting up my tree
I don't like to do a lot of decorating in my house. Mostly, it just stresses me out, and no one notices anyway. But I do love a bright and sparkly Christmas Tree. This year, I am slightly more stressed about putting up a tree, because I still have loads of "stuff" sitting in my living room waiting either for a new home in my home, or a garbage bag. So I am ignoring all the gazillion posts that went up on social media this weekend of everyone's beautiful, perfect homes, with magazine-worthy living rooms, and perfectly matching Christmas Decor that make me want to poke my eyeballs out and just drink whisky in bed for the next month. And I am focusing instead on my quirky little life and my quirky little home, and how my one tiny tree covered in homemade ornaments and memories is just perfect for me.

4. Hanging out with small children
If there is one thing that brings me more (Christmas) Joy than anything else, it's my nieces and nephews. I can't wait to see & feel and experience their excitement for Christmas. Better than any medication (or self-medication) I can buy. Dude isn't big into Christmas, and I have learned to let go of any expectations that I set for myself in going over the top for him. That was a HUGE stressor in my past, and I am so over it now. We start our Lego Star Wars Advent calendar this week, and I am super pumped!

For me, the Christmas season is about Family & Lights in the Darkness & No Pressure. And trying not to feel stressed out about my messy living room, and my messy bedroom, and the dirty dishes in the sink, and, and, and. Those things are just part of my life, my work-in-progress. And I can still make the most out of this next month with those to-dos running in the background.

For those of you having a hate-on for Christmas right now, I get it. I really do. I may not have the same reasons as you for not thinking this is the "Hap-Happiest Season of All", but I feel your pain. And I am so sorry for whatever has happened in your life that has you feeling that way. I hope you have the means to take care of yourself this season. And come out intact on the other side. After all, cold, black, dead January is coming right up! I kid, I kid!

Stay safe. Celebrate however you can, and however you want. Or don't celebrate at all. Do what you gotta do to make it through. No pressure.

p.s. I might get to go to mass with BFF's family on Christmas Eve and I am so excited! Yes, I am still an atheist, but i get to sing in the company of other people!!

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