Friday, October 31, 2014

My Neglected Hobby

I've actually decided to stop scrapbooking. Like, forever. I will show you a photograph that sums up all my reasons quite well I think. But later. First, some scrapbooking layouts.

Every night Dude & I snuggle in my big bed, and we read and chat and giggle. Recently he told me that he didn't really like his own bed. I asked if it was his mattress, or his comforter or pillow that was bugging him. He said he liked my duvet cover, so I found a similar one and tucked his comforter into it. Cause I'm sneaky like that. He was excited about his mini room makeover, and for the first time in a long time, climbed in to his bed to read before bed. But he couldn't fall asleep. He bluntly told me that the reason he likes my bed better is because I am in it, and he wanted me to lay beside him. Heart melting stuff guys...

I was SO EXCITED this night, because Dude actually asked to go for a bike ride. And we made it a really long way. And then he said he was tired, and I bought him a Popsicle and I had to walk his bike most of the way home.

Gosh this was a fun night! I loved swinging from this thing. And what was it that Dude said? Something about not realizing I was so energetic...HA!

I totally "stole" that second place ribbon. I didn't push a kid over and steal the ribbon from their prone body or anything! Geeze! What kind of a person do you think I am?1 I did, however, find it on the ground, put it in my pocket, and pointedly not ask the other people around if they had lost a ribbon. I am a terrible wonderful mother.

More to come...

P.S. Happy Halloween or whatever. I suck at this holiday this year. I have all the excuses.

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