Thursday, February 06, 2014

I miss you!

I have discovered something in my life. Perhaps disconcerting, but it's the truth nonetheless. I need the internet. I need my blog. I need you guys!

I have been without internet at home for the past five days! (It's a long story, that I will try to explain tomorrow...) The WiFi at work is turrible, so I can't keep up on my Instagram feed on my iPad. The computer here won't read my SD card, so I can't even upload my photos. And I can't really catch up while at work because we are super busy right now, and transitioning into busier times ahead. #firstworldproblems

Long story short, I hope to be back here in full force next week. Because for whatever reason, I really miss this.

Until then...
later loves


  1. I miss you too! Wishing a safe and smooth recovery for your wifi... >.<

  2. Anonymous11:58 am

    Miss you, too!!! xoxo


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