Friday, February 28, 2014

Currently...Feeling Better!

eating // fried egg sandwich with some kind of sprouts, swiss chard, sauerkraut, mayo, and "cheese" on a tiny little sorghum rice THAT'S the breakfast of champions!

drinking // coffee from a teensy tea cup

listening //  my Arcade Fire album just ended. better go flip it.

admiring // my DIY Sunday projects. just a coat of paint and a couple more hooks and that will be two officially done! So damn proud of myself!!

needing // to do dishes! how does one person create so many dirty dishes?!

wanting // to finish this up quick so I can head to work. those dishes will have to wait!

feeling // much better thank you!

I woke up this morning to a new sound on my alarm, (I still don't think that it's "the one", but it'll do for now. Side note: why hasn't my radio been coming on all week? Must look into it.) and I felt SO GOOD that I found a workout on Pinterest to try! What?! Yes! I did a super low key, laying down, abs & legs exercise this morning. In my pajamas. And my energy flow is already improving!

Crap I got up to make another coffee and I have totally lost my train of thought. Let's distract you with a silly photo!

Oh right. I took some time last night to just sit on my couch and read. I went to bed slightly earlier than usual. And I have a crop tonight with some of my best friends to look forward to. Life is good, friends. Life is good...good and dorky. And don't you forget it!

later loves

p.s. not that anybody will ask...
blazer, jeans, heart shirt: thrifted
socks, tank: Joe Fresh
watch: Seiko, gift from BFF
necklace: les arts plastiques, gift from Sister


  1. Yes to your sweet dance moves and yes to that heart shirt!!!

  2. Dang! That egg sandwich sounds delicious! Your blog is so fun and silly (in a great way) Following along with you.


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