Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Tell A Story - No Photo Available

(this photo has nothing to do with the story, but this is a blog and I needed a photo so I took this terrible one of my bad hair day - apparently - this morning in my work parking lot...dork...)

Monday night I got home from running an errand after dinner, and it was so beautiful out I decided I wanted to go for a walk. The giant-for-Edmonton snowflakes were falling, the temperature was warm (again...for Edmonton in winter) and it was still early.

Well, as soon as I suggested it Russ said "yes!" and started getting his winter gear on. Lucas screamed. And then screamed some more, and asked why we are always wanting to do things that he hates. And then the tears started to fall, and the screaming when up a pitch. I'm just glad he's grown out of the "flail around on the floor" stage of his freak outs.

We finally convinced him that he was going, whether he liked it or not (obviously not) and he got his gear on. And then began the questions. Where are we going? How long will we be gone? How far are we walking? I told him 20 miles because I am a terrible mother.

But it was beautiful out, and Russ & I started chatting and Lucas cooled down and calmed down and we just walked. Toward the school, because that's a right out of the property and that just seems to be the way we always take.

As we were passing the school I noticed the big piles of snow in the school yard, left behind from when they cleared the tarmac. And I didn't even think, I just started running. I think Russ was in mid-sentence and I just took off with a "follow me" on my breath.

And Dude & I climbed and explored these crunchy piles of snow. They were dinosaur carcasses. They were mountains. They were amazing.

And as we got to the end of the pile I said, "I wish I had brought my new camera to try out and take some pictures!"

And as soon as I said it I knew it was a lie. I was SO GLAD that I didn't have a camera in my hand. I was just playing, and enjoying the time with Dude & Russel. And I wasn't worried about the lighting, or the angle, or the timer or blah blah blah.

Sometimes being a blogger gets in the way of enjoying the moment.

We cut back through the field on the way home. And Dude was so happy! He was giggling, and chatting, and telling us how awesome and fun that was!

Guess I'm not such a terrible mother after all.
later loves


  1. you are a great mother :) i love this story!


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