Friday, December 06, 2013

It's Damn Cold Out!

The thermostat before Dude & I left for school this morning. My Instagram caption was: "I'm thinking positive...because I remember days when the red disappeared altogether!" And I do! It was a cold drive to school, but I am grateful we can drive and not have to walk in this cold. Dude ran from the car to the door and banged and banged until someone let him in. They don't have outdoor recess when it's this cold, so I'm hoping he gets to do something fun again, like blow things up in the computer lab again...don't ask!

And now I sit in my sort of warm home, drinking coffee and blogging while I should be packing and getting ready to head to Jasper to visit my best blog pal! Truth be told, I hate too much Greek food and drank a smidge too much wine last night at my Christmas party so I am trying to let those after effects dissipate before I do too much "walking around" and "moving in general". Sigh...

And since I seem to be sharing TMI, let's at least get to some pretty pictures!
Left: Photo taken by me at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo back in September. I swear Dude wasn't there against his will, and that he did actually enjoy himself. I love love LOVE the simplicity of this page. There are literally 4 elements. Shit, I keep forgetting to put the date on there...

Right: Photo take by Dude on our Jasper trip for his birthday in the summer. He was adamant that he did NOT want his own photo taken with Jasper the Bear, so I did the nonchalant Mom thing and asked him to take my photo instead. I think he did a pretty damn good job! This layout also makes me super pleased...another simple one, and that pink paper is WHEEE!!

This photo was taken on Lucas' birthday! Gosh, I love that giant tooth! I made a joke that night, about him getting too old to hold my hand, and he told me not to worry. That he wasn't too old for that. He is such a sweet boy sometimes. Ha! I love that striped paper.

I made these layouts after I got home from the Christmas crop last weekend. Late, but still so inspired! Not sure what I did AT the crop, but I'm sure it was something. I did take a "go view BFF's new place and eat pizza and beers" break at the start of the night, so I didn't get as much scrappy-time as usual. But I mostly just enjoy hanging out with all my scrappy-friends that I just don't get to see near enough! Hello Ginger, Candace, Karen, Allison & Sheri! AND NADINE!!

good times...
later loves


  1. UGH, yesterday I touched the metal latch on the gate to my backyard and IT BURNED ME WITH COLD.

    I love the Jasper and Edmonton Expo pages! When it comes to scrapbooking for me I love simplicity. :) Very pretty!

  2. Scrapbooking... what is that again?

    Cold.... F*cK y*u!

    One of these times I need to "come" to the crop....



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