Thursday, November 21, 2013

Scrappy Do

I would love to say that these pages are recent, but that's a lie...I think I completed some of them on my birthday weekend, which was in September for those of you keeping track.

Instagrams, taken before and after our family photo shoot back in September. I have some handsome boys in my life!

Hello Mexico! I have half a mind to do up a nice beach-photos post here in the next week or so. Temperatures have taken a dive up here, and dreaming of the hot sun might just help warm me up!

Taste of Edmonton. Dude loves the fountain pool in front of City Hall! But not to swim in...just to look at.

I keep plodding away in my cluttered room, hoping for a flash of inspiration and insight. But I am still just feeling overwhelmed. And also damn cold! I don't think there is any insulation left in these walls!

later loves

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  1. I Just saw on the news about your weather. Stay warm girlfriend, sending warm hugs up north.


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