Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Dinosaurs, Exploring, and Being Awesome!

Some photo highlights from our family trip to Drumheller on the October long weekend. Too bad my camera battery died on Sunday! After falling 10 feet or so on Saturday...yep...

The boys are doing their best dinosaur impressions!

Dude loved all the exploring and wandering we did off the beaten path. I didn't love getting across this bridge.

There are dinosaurs every where in town. This one is a Dapper Dino. Bow ties are cool.

Gotta love the museum! Well...everyone but Dude loved the museum!

My favourite dinosaur. Go Steg!

I've been to Drumheller loads of times, but never made a stop at the Atlas Coal Mine. We had an awesome "tour guide", and had fun wandering around through all the old mining equipment.

Next time I want to get down there in the badlands....and just wander.
later loves


  1. Anonymous12:58 pm

    I still haven't been to Drumheller. I need to get my butt over there. I am dying to take in all of the wicked dino sights.

    Maybe we can explore the badlands together sometime!?

  2. This looks like a pretty great trip! That bridge makes me a little queasy.


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