Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Shopping for a Geek

Do you have any geeks on your Christmas list? Or are you perhaps a geek that would like to give some simple ideas to the non-geeks in your life? Think Geek, Chapters, Etsy and Threadless are all great places to start shopping for your geek...or yourself...wink!

1 // Spock socks!...These are hilarious! Socks are good for geeks who might not wear their fandom on their arm, but still like to keep it close to their heart. And everybody could use a new pair of socks!

2 // Kepler Art...I love space art! This one is for the true astronomy geek, but it's also a lovely graphic piece of art. You can't go wrong with black and white, and the poster size makes it a little bit more special.

3 // Doctor Who Graphic Novel...With David Tennant?! Yes please!

4 // Radioactive Elements glowing coaster set...A perfect gift for the new homeowner, or the friend who likes to entertain. It's ironic! And fun!

5 // Harry Potter Time Turner necklace...I am a big fan of showing my love in an understated way sometimes. This necklace means I could bring my love of Harry Potter to work without the cloak and wand!

It's best to know what kind of geek your geek is. Board games, Doctor Who, Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Hairy Potter, fantasy, computers, knitting, steam punk, science...and the list goes on. And don't ever get Star Trek and Star Wars mixed up, unless it's a funny mash up like the Stormtrooper and Red Shirt comic I've been noticing around the interwebs lately. Ha! In fact, there are lots of minefields you could walk into when buying for a geek. But we will always appreciate the thought behind the gift!

later loves

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  1. I definitely have a Chewbacca bath robe on my Christmas list this year... Chewie is my fave. However, at the end of the day, I believe Trek > Wars. :x


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