Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Shopping for the Fashionable Lady

Sigh...this was a tough list to make only because I could have kept going and going and going! But I tried to keep it practical and simple. Because those are the kinds of gifts I like!

Fashion Wish List

1 // Thermal long-sleeved...A clever way to layer under and over all those tees and tanks and sweaters and cardigans we northerners put on in the winter months! An easy DIY too, if you're going the handmade route this year.

2 // LOVE Scarf...Ack! Wearable art! I can't even explain how happy this makes me! I have loved Alisa Burke's art and passion for art for a long time. I discovered her as I was getting into painting and mixed media and all that, and she continues to be an inspiration to me. Her new line of accessories is so beautiful and genuine.

3 // Black skirt...If I have learned one thing as an adult who works in an office, every lady should own a lovely black skirt. Of respectable length. You can't go wrong with a simple pencil or A-line one. You just can't.

4 // Warm Mittens!...These are essential up here, and if you have to wear them you might as well find something that looks good too! Now, if only they had a bow...and were an actual colour...

5 // Matt & Nat Vegan Leather Bag...A beautiful cross-body bag is both functional and fashionable. It's a must-have for a Mom, and the vintage look is super trendy right now. Pick out a fun colour for a nice change of pace.

And one more for good measure, even though I can't grab a pic from their site: patterned leggings!...And don't let those haters tell you that you can't wear them as pants. Geeze people. Take a breather!

And a cardigan or beautiful sweater is always appreciated! If you want to earn double bonus points, make it cashmere this Christmas...wink...
later loves


  1. That bag is gorgeous! Might have to bookmark that for my birthday. And the scarf is beautiful! Too bad they don't ship internationally.

  2. Cashmere! Hook a sister up! I ruined by last cashmere sweater by wearing it and wearing it and wearing it TO DEATH.

    Hey, guess what!? I get to see your freaking face, like, soon. Like super, duper soon. And I CAN'T WAITTTTT!!!!


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