Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mexico Teaser

I have so many photos to go through from Mexico. And most of them are amazing, if I do say so myself. I thought I would leave you with this one, which kind of sums up the simple awesomeness of this vacation.
And don't you worry. There are lots of bikini pics to come...wink!

Good night friends


  1. Anonymous3:07 pm

    So exciting to have you back... and to have you coming for a visit soon!! I have another pal in town that same weekend, so we'll have a bit of a full house, but I think that just means MORE FUN! Yippee. I can't wait to see your tanned face. xo

  2. Ahhh! You look so cute! Glad you had an amazing vay-cay! Was the wedding wonderful? Of course it was, it's Mexico AND a wedding - how can it not be! Glad you are home safe and sound and you best be posting some pictures, STAT! :)


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