Thursday, June 06, 2013

"It's Pink Skirt Day!"

Sure enough, another sweetie at the office was wearing her bright pink skirt last Monday! I think we both struck a fine figure, and I am glad that I finally found my office-outfit-groove.

New shirt. No shoes. Trying to beat the rain!

Red hair! I dyed my hair in a rush before my date with BFF at the CKUA grand opening (more on that later...) a couple of Saturdays ago now. I grabbed a box from Superstore, rushed home, and scrambled to get it done. This means I spent the rest of the day with a lovely "birthmark" on my cheek that BFF pointed out to me (oops!) where the dye had smudged. It's tough to dye your hair when you can't see what you're doing! But it looks great now! So bright...and fake...I LOVE IT!
Oh man...I am such a dork. Can't even take a simple photo without giggling like a school girl! I live a good life.

So, I think I wrecked my camera lens permanently...I thought maybe there was some fuzz or a watermark or something on the lens, but I think it's a scratch and/or some water got inside. It won't clear up, no matter what I do. It's not noticeable all the time, but when the sun is behind the subject?! Holy Doodle, it's bad! Oh well. I know that I am not the best photographer, and it is way too much of a headache for me to worry about photo quality and perfect shots and blah blah blah because it just isn't going to happen. And I am okay with that! As long as I capture the memory - however imperfect that capture is - I am satisfied.

later loves

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  1. Such a cute skirt! It works really well with the new top :-) My old camera ended up getting a similar scratch--I'm sure you'll be mastering your new bokeh lense in no time!


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