Tuesday, May 28, 2013

National Scrapbook Day!

It was three weeks ago, but I am just getting stuff put away, and layouts photographed. To share. With you! Enjoy!

(In no particular order...)
I like this photo. It was a fun day!

I was scrapbooking beside Candace for the whole weekend. It's a wonder we actually got any work done.

P.S. This isn't the best/most hilarious photo of me evah, but it is in the Top Ten.

I still have loads of snow photos to scrapbook. It was weird because it was our first gorgeous, hot weekend and here I am scrapbooking these damn snow photos. I love the snow, but I'm glad it's summer now!

Love this stamp set. Love ink splatters. Love pearly rhinestone things. But why are they so damn expensive?!

Still love shoveling. But I would like to have to wait until November till I have to do it again!

I do not have a dead heart. I like babies and puppies okay. I just don't base my entire life purpose on loving them. Geeze.
I also like glitter. And neon pink. Who knew?!

Puddles! There are no puddles left, anywhere. We had a short wet season! You've got to taken what fun you can get, and when. Right friend?!

Wow, this post is really long. Take a breather if you need to. Maybe stretch it out, grab some hydration and jump back in.

I cancelled my Studio Calico subscription! It feels really good. I am not cool with having to purchase something I don't love every month, and their shit sells out way too fast! It was too anxiety-inducing. So I am done. And if my studio clean-up goes according to plan next month, I will find loads of stuff to use in my crafting stuff to keep me busy for the next forever. Hazaa!

On our flight home from Disneyland. It's the Rockies....dreamy.
I was playing with Candace's watercolours. And I love this camera stamp. LOVE IT!

Throughout the weekend, the ladies give out "challenge kits". You make something with them and have the opportunity to win a prize! I didn't win.....

For this one, you got a bunch of rainbow ribbon, and that chandelier gem thingy. I think I did pretty good. Thanks to Candace for most of the little bits and bobs.

This is a really long post! I apologize, and yet also congratulate those of you who have made it this far and are still reading the words. You're on the home stretch now!

I love this paper...I think the pattern haunts my dreams.
This old record player of Dan's is so cool! The needle determines the volume (loud is too loud!) and once you use the needle, it's garbage! Each record has one song on each side. We listened to "I'm My Own Grandpa" and some other old-school dance songs. It was the best birthday party ever!

I have a bunch more from Dan's "birthday party", but they seem kind of personal now that I look back on them. I will share the one that (also) did NOT win the contest at the store. Poot. It's actually the double of the previous page. Go figure.
The theme was "vintage" and we got a tag and some glassine and a couple of bottle caps and that twine. I think mine turned out pretty damn awesome. But what do I know...

Dear Candace. I miss you! The next time you are heading to the store, you text me and I will join you. I want to hear about your trip, and I want to plan our next lunch date, and I want to chat about stuff (wink). Love ya long time, ya big dork!

Getting up to anything crafty lately? Any scrapbookers out there who want to talk shop?!

later loves


  1. This wasn't too long, I am so glad I wandered over tonight. I can't understand why you didn't win anything, I think your pages are pretty damn awesome too. Where did you get that COOL feather on the last one?

  2. OMG I was mentioned like 5 billion times in this post! made me so happy :) Your pages rock! and you should have won that damn rainbow challenge!!!! I had so much fun with you all weekend! It was the bees knees! So many good belly laughs and awesomeness. Not to mention spiked Starbucks refreshers! Nadine: DID STARBUCKS GET NEW REFRESHERS?!?!?! Us: Shuddup Nadine XOXO I am going to TM Friday if you want to join. I will most likely be working on my class! Ya baby. I miss you too my gluten free, non puppy worshipping, scrapbook adviser, super ridiculously fun friend!


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