Wednesday, February 06, 2013

When Art Imitates Life

I am quite silly as a rule. On a very regular basis you can find me dancing, singing made up songs, and waving my arms about while I giggle like a lunatic!

This overwhelming personality trait often makes it into my scrapbooking pages. And why shouldn't it?! Scrapbooking is art for me, and art is an extension and reflection of life and emotions and blah blah blah...

Just enjoy this goofy pages, why don't you!
Yes, your eyes do not deceive. I scrapbooked a blurry iPhone photo of myself holding two beers. BFF rarely pulls out his "camera" when we are hanging out, so perhaps I made him take this photo. Hmmm. Anyhoo, it documents a pretty amazeballs night of drinking and chatting (and drinking...) and bonding. So it gets scrapbooked. This is a lesson for all you perfectionist scrappers out there: it's the MEMORY that counts, not the quality of the photos. Duh...

Hey Jen! I am making good use out of those die cuts you made me. Thanks again!

This next one features two lovely ladies that have been TM LNC fixtures for many years.

 Sorry, speaking in code again. That's "Treasured Memories Late Night Crop" for those not in the know! These ladies are silly and lovely and wonderful! And they make crops quite amaze-balls!

And that is all for today. I had a very productive "sick day" at home with Dude on the 24th, scrapbooking and cooking and baking cookies and generally just letting him rest and hang out. Also, I drank a lot of coffee. More than usual I think. That could explain the high (& unusual) levels of productivity. Hmmm.

later loves

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  1. I love the way you write. it's so fun and awesome, just like you and your pages.


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