Monday, October 29, 2012

Work + Wedding Wear

Yes yes yes...even though I told myself I was absolutely NOT going to buy a new dress to wear to this wedding, I totally made a liar out of myself. But I made (damn) sure that I bought a dress that I could wear to work as well, and really get my $40 worth...hello H&M!
I bought the "edgiest" accessories I could find there. The pink florals were sort of giving me an old lady at and old lady funeral vibe...don't ask!

And two days later...
Yep...with the simple addition of a cardigan and a NEON BELT I have taken this fancy dress, and made it office-appropriate!

Please note the "nude pantyhose" (and now I even sound like an old lady!) vs the cozy tights for taking it from fancy to casual. So, cardigan + NEON belt + cozy tights = casual Friday. Or Monday, as I believe was the actual case.

This is my "Hi! I am so fricken happy to be at this awesome wedding, but it's effin cold out here and I just want to get back inside to the bar!" face.
And there you have it folks...a dress that can go from Wedding-Fancy to Monday-Morning with a couple of simple additions. H&M had a blouse & trousers to match, but I think that might just be a little too overwhelming...challenge accepted!!

And a couple of housekeeping details...
And that is all!

later loves


  1. You're all kinds of awesome! The dress looks great! I especially love the "cooking dinner" picture!

    1. Yep...check out my "vintage kitchen". For all your 1978 needs!

  2. Ha! I love this post and that dress!! So cute. I like clothes that can be fancy and casual. I always have a hard time with that. My closet is full of one or the other. It seems my fancy stuff stays put most of the time. ... Maybe I need to start experimenting with cardigans, neon belts and cozy tights!?

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow!! xx


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