Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday = Fake Friday!

I kind of had the best birthday ever this year! I felt so blessed for all the super awesome people in my life! Who know me so well, and who spoil me with their love and attention, and sweet sweet lady ties.

Day #1 of the Celebration (aka "Thursday")
Gifts & (delicious flourless) cake at work! Woot!

Up next, dinner (my choice) at Famoso. Nom nom nom...vegan cheese and lots of beer for me!

I love yummy Famoso pizza, although I will admit it's not for everyone. This time around we made sure to ask for our pizzas "well done", which means an extra couple of seconds in the big oven. And I tried the Daiya cheese on our vegetarian pizza, and it was delicious. My little bro manages the location in South Commons, but he works days so wasn't there to "comp" my birthday meal. I need some sort of laminated card that states: "This is Lisa. She is my sister. She gets free pizza yo!". Dude, get on that will yah? (I'm only sort of joking...)

For the scrapbookers: Background is Echo Park, and the other paper on there is My Mind's Eye & Bazzill (the tag & dark woodgrain). The little label things are Studio Calico & "Noteworthy" was cut from a big sheet of Echo Park paper. Little orange letter stickers are also Echo Park (I'm noticing a theme here) and were gifted to me by Jill at my Friday Night Par-tay. Little word stickers are My Mind's Eye & the heart is a "Jim" Holtz die cut. I think that's it...

This was definitely my best birthday ever! I've got more layouts coming up, cause I just couldn't put them all in the same post. I'm kind of "full of myself" like that.

later loves


  1. I loooooove Famoso. Pretty sure that's gonna be supper now. Paul thanks you. Lol


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