Thursday, September 27, 2012

Being Awesome: Day Nine

Prompt #9
Do somebody else's chore.

This may sound completely ridiculous for those of you who either have no chores, or do all the chores in the house, or don't live with roommates/children & husband. But I know how wonderful it feels when Russel takes care of the dishes. Or takes out the recycle or the garbage. So this week I am going to try and return the favour and do one of his chores...wait a minute.....does he even have any? I might have to make him a list, and then take care of one of them to get the ball rolling on the rest. Yessirree. Dear Russel, be more awesome by doing one of my chores this week.

Thank you very much.

later loves


  1. Bring your dishes to me and I'll wash them (in the dishwasher of course!;)) but in exchange you have to paint my living room wall! ;)

    But seriously - I totally know what you mean - it's soooo nice to dread doing something, then come home and find out that it's already been done for you! :)

  2. I hate this prompt because I know Ian isn't going to read it... which means I would be the awesome one doing his chores, which means, well, just doing everything!! Ha.

    New prompt, please. ;)

  3. Maybe we could switch chores cuz I do them all here... But I have thrown out the idea of a chore list.


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