Friday, September 07, 2012

30 Days...

I noticed a simple button on a couple of blogs lately. "30 Days of Lists" & "I am a Lister" caught my eye because, well, I am a lister! So I clicked on through and I re-discovered the wonderful world of 30 Days of Lists. I remember stumbling across this blog years ago (well, maybe only last year), and being intrigued and inspired by the idea.

Everybody makes lists. Why not make them purposeful, and thoughtful? Use these daily reminders and doodles as a diary of sorts; a scrapbook to document your life in the items and icons that you encounter and think about everyday.

And while I wasn't late to the party, I am resistant to taking any more online "classes" thanks to the burns I have received in the past. Even if this class consists solely of prompts and message boards, that is too much (public) commitment for this little commitment-phobe.

And so I devised my own "30 Days Of" project. And I am 6 days in, and still enjoying it. Still loving it and the simple moment of peace and clarity that it offers me everyday.

You see, my "30 Days Of" is all about faces.....
Every night I take a moment for myself and sketch a face. It most certainly does not have to be perfect, or even approaching perfection. I am already confident drawing faces, so this is just practice. Just for fun.

I have already learned a lot about how I approach drawing faces. And I've identified areas I need to improve upon. I am trying to be intentional and serious about some of the things that I do. Blogging, art-making, scrapbooking. All of these things that I enjoy are becoming stale for me. I am hoping that taking a deeper interest in creating the best things I can, and working on improving myself will help bring the butterflies back, so-to-speak!

This is all going right into my everyday Moleskine. Along with all my notes, and other doodles (hello Tardis!), and reminders, and wishes, and "Deep Thoughts", and lists.

later loves


  1. I've been meaning to get into listing things, but I haven't caught the bug yet.

    Also are you on Twitter? I could message you with spots I like to go for fall photos!

  2. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Dude! I just got the listing bug last night!! I was reading Well It's Okay and I decided I would just follow along with her prompts from 30 Days of Lists, but not for the blog, just for me. It felt really good to crack a notebook and just write some truthful thoughts!

    Also, love the faces!


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