Monday, September 17, 2012

30 Days of Being Awesome

No shoulds. No "lofty" anything! Just simple things that you can actually DO - and quite easily I might add - that will add a ray of sunshine to your lives and the lives of people you love (or at least like a little bit more than average).

Wow. That really sounds dorky, now that I look back at it. Par for the course, I guess, but geez I thought I would have improved my writing skills a tad more by now. Oh well.

Welcome to 30 Days of Being Awesome!

Every day I will offer up a sweet prompt with an action you can take to help you be more awesome! I know that you are already pretty damn awesome, but a little extra awesome never hurt anybody.

Prompt #1:
Send an email to someone who lives far away and ask them how their day was.

See...easy peasy! I'm going to email my Aunt in the States...Hi Sherry!

I'll have a weekly wrap-up as well, if you can't check in daily, but still want to play along. And I hope you do...want to play along that is! I wanted to start this at the beginning of the month, but with school starting and R being away, and me being slow on the draw....better late than never, eh?

And I would LOVE to know it you are playing along! Leave a comment or a link to a post or whatever. This is me reaching out to the blog world - which is still super hard for me, considering I've been blogging for ~10 years - and I really want this to be a success fun for everyone!

later loves

p.s. It's my birthday next Sunday. I'm hoping that a little extra awesome comes my way! Birthdays!!


  1. I'll play. Not too sure if I can get more awesomer but I can sure try! ;)
    I LOVE birthdays!

  2. I'm in! Yay, fun.

    Also, BIRTHDAYSSSS!!!!
    I better get my craft supplies out to make you a card. :)

  3. Hi Lisa

    You are Awesome!

    Luv Ya,
    Auntie Sherry

  4. Me too, sounds fun!


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