Friday, August 24, 2012


Yes, I know I spelled my title wrong. Shut up! Who's blog is this anyway!?!?

I made a long overdue trip to Value Village last week many weeks ago. Long overdue. I missed you stretched out t-shirts, bad plaid skirts circa 1980 and crazy ladies with their entirely too full shopping carts.

I answered the call, and the Thrifting Gods were looking out for me.

Shirt. Shirt. Skirt. Belt. Purse. Floral Sheet. Neutral Sheet. Book. Book. Book. Book. Free Book.

And since I refuse to tote around a cart or basket-cart, my arms were a-hurtin' by the end! This actually helps prevent me from going crazy overboard and buying too much stuff. Is that even a possibility!? Anyhoo, when I can't balance any more items on my arms, against my chest, or braced up against my chin I know I am done for the day.

Plans for sheets: I am going to (try my darndest) make a skirt out of the thrifted sheet. Wish me luck...I'm going to need it!

Plan for books: read them of course. But they help towards my goal of reading 20 second hand books this year. So...yeah...

later loves

Somehow this post got lost in the vast basement library that is my "Drafts" folder...80 posts strong peeps! I was going to get some more photos of my thrifted items and show them off to the world, but I usually find those posts kind of boring. So I will re-group and attack this problem from a whole new perspective. And I'll be back...EXCLAMATION POINT!

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