Monday, July 23, 2012

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

When I first remember hearing that saying, I didn't really understand it. I was young, and all of my friends were new ones. And then as I got older, and didn't make many new friends, it still didn't hit home for me. But now I totally fricken get it!

I went to an outdoor concert with some junior high school friends on Saturday night. We watched a band that we used to love back in university. And they rocked it, so I guess we still like them at least! And then on Sunday I went to a baby shower with those same friends, celebrating a little boy born to a lovely lady I have know since playschool.

I am always surprised at how well we fall back into familiar territory. These are ladies (and gentleman) that I have known for most of my life. Ladies that I grew up with, and experienced lots of good things with! So I guess it shouldn't surprise me, but it always does. I find now that we are in different places and points in our lives.

I was the first married, and the first "with child" many years! And now all the second-round weddings are having their babies. And the rest of them are buying homes with their partners, or planning weddings and babies themselves. And I've got myself a seven-year-old, and a ten-year anniversary coming up.

It was also nice to see some of our Moms there, reminiscing about us when we were young'ns!

And yet despite all of our differences and our diverged paths, we can quite easily pick up where we left off. And we can enjoy laughs and inside jokes. And talk about our lady parts.

And I guess what makes it all more special are the new friends I have made since drifting slowly away from everyday meet ups with my school chums. These are ladies (and gentleman) who I may not have known for as long (5 years compared to 25), but who are just as special and close to my heart as my "golden" ones. And they don't have the benefit of in the time it takes to get past "awkward Lisa" and into "awesome Lisa"!

But that process is taking less and less time now, so maybe by the time I'm 50 I'll be able to make friends much easier! And I'll be able to look back to this time with fondness, and reminisce with my favourite girls and boys about the "good old days"! Gee...I can't wait...

Coming Up On The Blog...
- that Even-A-Monkey-Could-Do-It DIY I've been promising
- New music, new movies, new beer
- Pictures and anecdotes from my weekend adventures
- Some scrapbooking layouts! Gasp! Egads!
- More awkward deep thoughts...yep, get used to it!

later loves

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and tell you I am loving your guest post on gypsy in jasper! So very true :)

    xo shane


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