Friday, June 22, 2012

Life as we know it

This one is mostly for all those aunties and grandmas out there. But the rest of you might get a laugh out of it as well!

He starts off by aimlessly whistling while building some "Custom Motors". Hey wait...I aimlessly whistle too! And then he tells you all about the "Awesome" plane he is building! Hey, I randomly name things "Awesome This" or "Awesome That"!

This is standard Lucas nowadays. Telling you a well thought out, well drawn out instruction plan for a new game he's invented, or new rules for an old game. This usually lasts about 20minutes, which is as long as the game might last as well. Remembering random things that happened years ago and recalling them to you with perfect clarity, accuracy and humour. Saying, "oh yeah, haven't played with that in awhile" then quickly pushing the toys currently taking up valuable real estate on our LR floor and replacing them with a toy he hasn't played with in a awhile. Sometimes he evens puts the old toys away before he pulls out the new one! Where did he get that from!?

Please note: Custom Motors is a devil of a toy. You just must buy all of the different vehicles, to build and re-build and exchange parts with each other. But oh wait. Not all of the parts are interchangeable between all of the vehicles, even though that is what the commercials would lead you to believe. And now you have approximately 1,873 plastic pieces of wheels, and hoods, and doors, and chassis, and who knows what else to try and store and not step on and curse at on a daily basis. The Bat Mobile is pretty cool though...

later loves

p.s. I am trying to put together a "Before & In Progress" post, like I casually promised, but it is proving more difficult than I anticipated. No wait. I anticipated it would be a giant jellyfish pain in my arse, and it is! Yay me for predicting the future. Woooooooo...spooky!

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  1. Now that I'm a grandma, I can smile with the best of them. but I'm not sure if I"m smiling more at Lucas or at your post.


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