Thursday, April 05, 2012

A Study in Pink

So I got out of my comfort zone. Thanks in part to some of my new inks - that pink Mister Huey is quite spectacular - I created this pink book. It's a comment on love and the notion of love as we see it in the media versus how we feel it in our hearts...but who wants to hear about that! So here is my pretty pink book.

Nitty gritty: the binding is done in the same way as this guy and this one. The inner pages were all gessoed first, then sprayed and inked and stenciled. I machine-stitched the extra bits on each page, before stitching the single pages together (for stability).

 I "numbered" each page with letters again, this time making the letters part of the design. I like how on some of the pages the letter blends right in and you don't immediately notice it.
 A close up of my inky mess. Very satisfying. I layered lots of stencils and ink on each other before adding the final "embellishments"
 That pink. The one below. That's the new one. Heaven help me...
Not much else to say about this one. I used lots of JFFB stencils from Crafter's Workshop, and the new Christy Tomlinson one from Pink Paislee. The other colours on there are a grey Mister Huey, Scarlet Glimmer Mist, and a really old Stampin Up ink pad. P.S. It does the same water splotchy thing as my Jim Distress Ink so I am very very happy!

I love playing with different inks and seeing how they interact with each other and blend and change. This was tied for "highlight of the day" on Saturday past. Very lovely.

later loves

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  1. Lisa this is stunning!! LOVE it!


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