Monday, April 02, 2012

Living Large!

I attended a midnight premiere of a movie last month! GASP!

I don't know which is less believable: that I went to a movie, or that it started at midnight. Probably the "I went to a movie" part.

I don't go to many movies. I think the last one I saw in theatre was Cars 2 in the summer. Yep...

Anyhoo...I tagged along with Veronica & Alexander to see Hunger Games. The movie was only okay, but I had a great night! I mean, morning!! HA! V did up a much better movie post here, it you're interested.
 Chantel gave me a very challenging challenge kit this month. Like, it had cutesy doodles of UFOs, aliens, dogs, and ray guns on it. I used the back!
 Actually, the colours and the neutral patterns of all the new Clever Handmade papers are pretty awesome. Once you get past the cutesy doodles. And you know that I am all about the cutesy doodles...sometimes!
 I find that if you ink the bejeezus out of something, it doesn't really look like the thing you started with and that this was a blessing for these bright papers and label stickers. Also...
It is rough (super rough) but it is only my second self-carved stamp ever, so I think I'm doing okay!

I plan on using the rest of the paper to memorialize our night of glow bowling and laser!

later loves


  1. I saw Hunger Games this weekend too and I was ok with it but loved the books! My sister loved it so much she saw it twice! (she did not read the book).

    I LOVE your Chevron stamp - perhaps you could teach a class on this? ;)

  2. Good grief, I can't imagine starting ANYTHING at midnight! Love the chevron, keep carving!


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