Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Another restless few hours spent in my head. The name of this album is "crisitunity"...thank you Homer Simpson.

I started with some 5x7 pages that I had previously inked and stenciled (and stenciled some more). I knew I wanted to add some people, so I drew some super basic outlines of people and shapes on a page from my watercolour book. Then I gave each some paint...very rough.

 Once each shape was dry, I cut them out, added details with my permanent marker and stuck them into the book. All of the journaling was done with the same permanent markers, and was added before the people.
 I added a lot of machine stitching, making it part of the doodles. The only "embellishment" I added was some ripped fabric.

And then I needed some fabric as a cover, but nothing I had in my stash was working for me. So I grabbed my plain cotton and went to town with the same stencils and ink that I used inside the book.

I made a big piece of the fabric, then cut it down to make the cover. I machine-stitched the first page and the last page on to the fabric, and added the piece of lace elastic to hold the book closed. The inner pages are hand-stitched on to the fabric (like I've been doing with all my other books).

Here is another example of a journal that needed to be made. My head is full full full of stuff right now, and this is the only sane place to stick it.

I don't know if this is helping me figure out what I need to do, or what I want to do, but it's helping my brain digest and take it all in. I need to take Nadine's "Lift Me Up Thursday" advice from this post. And in the meantime, my creative side is taking full advantage of my crazy mind!

later loves

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