Monday, April 09, 2012


I typed out my April calendar the other day, to send to R so he would be "in the loop" as it were. It was ridiculous. Nope, scratch that. It was ridonkulous. I am already feeling...excited!!

At first it seemed overwhelming, and silly that I was so "scheduled" this month. But now I am seeing it as a blessing in disguise. Thanks to a late night text marathon, I have finally admitted to myself that I have been feeling restless lately. Like, I can't keep myself busy and occupied enough to keep up with my new-found energy and inspiration. So this full month is just the ticket!

I have even (tentatively) scheduled in some fun times and outings as well! So it's not "all work and no play make Lisa go crazy!" I was going to type "something something" instead of "go crazy"...can anyone guess what that is from?


Here are some more tags!
They are very large...apparently...but not in real life. Hmmm

 This next one is so warped! It's kind of totally hilarious! And can I just say I am quite enamored with those Studio Calico butterfly stickers? Chan & I were commenting the other day on how we cannot understand why they didn't sell out in half a second. I guess that's good news for me, for when I go to buy the rest! HA!

I noticed the other day that I haven't done a "Fashion Un-Able" post in a long (long) time. Some of you might be wondering why. I got rid of another FOUR garbage bags full of old clothes the other day. And I have started filling the next batch. This means I have a terrible selection of items in my closet right now. And lots of those are things that I am hanging on to because I can bear to get rid of all of my clothes at once!

So until I find some new clothes that fit I will start up some sort of Fashion Un-Able schedule again. If anyone is interested, that is...

Anybody else feeling busy busy lately?


Have any of you recently discovered a great new technique, or project that you just can't get enough of!!?!?!?

later loves

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  1. I envy you with your energy. I've been sick for a week and am so sick of myself...but these tags cheer me up!!


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