Thursday, March 01, 2012

Desperate Housewives

First things first, please ignore my spelling mistake in the title of this layout. I was getting all flustered with having to use 3s and 5s instead of Es and Ss and make my own As that I accidentally spelled "Desperate" very wrongly. I don't have auto-correct on my sticker letters. It's fixed now in real life, but I didn't want to re-take the photos. La-zy!
I took all of these photos at Jill's wedding shower on the 19th. Her lovely mother Joyce hosted it at her house, with lots of help from Jill's fabulous bridesmaids (sister Kirsten included). I had loads of fun, and I think all of the other ladies in attendance did as well.

And's a double-page layout that matches but isn't "matchy"! Gasp!
 Page the first: Jill is still jealous of my Sassafras "flowers" and I can't blame her because they are pretty awesome, and perfectly match (another gasp) the colours in the photos! I also added some new MME sticker labels, and cut up some new Echo Park paper. That sheet of "labels" is going to be perfect for many titles and Project Life layouts.

Page the second: I wanted elements to mirror the first page, but not line up perfectly or anything. Hence the strips of paper at the bottom, my go-to design!

I am also really jonesing the black journaling against the white background. It adds some interest and movement in the otherwise sparse background, but it's not overwhelming. And it serves a very important purpose...reminding me of all the fun things that happened at the shower!

This is going right in to the Project Life binder alongside the other photos for the week of February 13th to 19th. Hey, that reminds me of a funny P.L. thing I've noticed. My week begins on Monday, and Nadine's (for example) begins on Sunday. Isn't is lovely how different (beautiful) brains work!?

later loves

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