Friday, February 03, 2012

My Instagram Display

While I might not be the most energetic of Instagrammers, I have taken my fair share. And I have thinking, loosely, about ways I can display them at home. I tried to include some in my December Daily, but as that was pretty much a "crash and burn" exercise, I was hoping to make a more successful attempt!

Since Instagram is so popular with the "hipsters" there are lots of ideas for creative displays to be found online. There were lots of neat ideas, and I almost couldn't make up my mind...

...but then I did. And here is what I made!

Wanna see how?
First you've got to print them! I always email myself my photos, and then I save them on the computer in my Instagram folder. I'm sure there is a fancy iPhone way to do this, but I'm giving you the low-tech Lisa lowdown!

Now you're going to insert them in to a Word document. It is literally as simple as that!

And you can re-size everything right in Word. Like I said, I'm sure there is some fancy Photoshop way to do all of this, but I like my solutions cheap and quick! And easy, don't forget easy.

Now, you're going to need to print those sheets, and then cut out the pictures. No need for me to photograph this step...I hope!

Then I just glued the photos on to the paper in a giant frame I already had on hand. I got that idea from this post of Talia's. Clever girl, she is...

I used some of that sticky tack stuff on the photos. The glass pane in the frame will help keep my photos in place, and if I still want to use the print on the other side I can. Remember, it's all about re-using things in this house!

I felt the space above my fireplace needed something large and full of awesome. And what's more awesome than photos of things that I lurve?

I hope this gives you some good ideas on displaying your Instagrams, if you've jumped on that bandwagon!

P.S. Just as I had my "Month of Minis" for January, I think February will be the month for crafts and DIY projects around the house. This is number one!


  1. Love this Miss Lisa!

  2. That's amazing! I am totally going to steal this idea!!!!!!!!!! Where was the frame originally from?


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