Friday, December 02, 2011


Three Fun Goals...
#1. Print a photo of Russel & I on our wedding day, frame it and hang it in my studio.

#2. Wear red lipstick more often! People totally get the "flirt" on with you when you wear red lipstick...even if your hair had day-two bedhead status!!

#3. Learn all the words to "Empire State of Mind" by JayZ.

Three Serious Goals...
#1. Join a gym.

#2. Make one wheat-free baked my own kitchen! Ack!!

#3. Figure out what I want my life to look like this time next year.


  1. I bought red lipstick a few weeks ago. I asked Sean what he thought and he said it looked weird! I'll keep rocking it though.

  2. Well, you're three goals ahead of me! And wheat-free can be easy and yummy, if you pick the right thing!


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