Wednesday, November 02, 2011

TM DT aka "Shameless Plug"

I am shamelessly plugging the SALE at TM again! Can you blame me? That store is my bread and butter! On the following layouts I'm using American Crafts & Prima (30% off), and Hambly & Sizzix (40% off!!)
Can you believe there is no inking on this page!?! I swear I made it, I swear!! I think the colours and the grid  work really well, and I am in love with all that new American Crafts!! I don't think I have been this in love with any of their lines in a long time!!

 Hambly...ah sweet Hambly. How I love your iridescent backgrounds, vibrant colours and quirky patterns. We were made for each other!
There is a little bit of inking on this layout...can you guess where? I sprayed my doilies with Glimmer Mist (Crushed Shells & Iridescent Gold). I think Doilies are my new go-to inexpensive scrap supply. Thanks to Jill for putting me on to this!
I also love fussy cutting right now. It's kind of ridiculous!! I even fussy cut my words!! I'll be the first to admit that I used to hate fussy cutting, and I often "made fun of" Jill for doing it on layout after layout. Look who's putting her foot in her mouth now!

I hope Chantel is moving a lot of product this week, so we have space for all the new goodies coming in!! YAY!! For the specific SALE discounts and brands, check out this TM Blog post I did up!

Note: the sale doesn't apply to our online stock, BUT you can take advantage of FREE SHIPPING with orders over $75 right now!


  1. Will you stop it?!? I can't come up there right now and you're makin me crazy with these sales?
    On another note, I adore the Hambly LO!

  2. Um when the heck did Lucas start looking so grown up? I love both your layouts!


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