Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dining Room Re-Do

I was getting kind of tired of the art wall on my Green DR wall. I mean, how many art walls can one main floor have? So I gave the green a refresher, got rid of the treasure-map inspired paint, and pulled out my collection of vintage wooden frames.


All of the frames, cake pans, and the giant "silverware" are thrifted! I have been saving these guys for what seems like forever, for just the right project. When I was a Goodwill a month ago, I found a stack of metal cake pans that were the most fabulous colours! I went back the next day and bought them, and the whole design formed in my head as I was driving home!

I might add some pretty paper or fabric to the frames, but for now I really like the simplicity of it! Plus, it's vintage & quirky, which I guess makes it "kitschy", which I am totally okay with!


  1. Wow! Your new wall art is lovely! And I enjoyed the giant "silverware" too because in our country, those giant wooden utensils for wall decor are in almost every Filipino house. :D

  2. Looks great! Love both ways...

  3. it's just lovely. The simplicity just shows them off even more.

  4. I like both the before and after too. You're just too talented, Lisa!

  5. Beautiful!! I do love the simplicity :)


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