Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jasper Synopsis

Jasper was super fun, as to be expected. Aside from some super chilly weather and a little bit of the S-Word (snow...shh, don't tell anyone), we all had a great time! Here are some highlights...
Up the Tram at Whistler. Lucas & Jacob really loved all the snow!

That's supposed to be me in front of my favourite mountain...but you can't really see me. There were few flowers still around, but lots of colourful lichen, moss and the colours of the trees were unbelievable!

At Mount Edith Cavell and Angel Glacier...fave place in the whole world. Sean asked me why, and while the answer I gave him was wholly accurate, I think we agreed that Jacob & I must both love it for the simple reason that there are lots of great rocks there!

 Athabasca Falls. The place was crawling with a Japanese group with super fancy, high-tech cameras and the most tripods I have ever seen in one location!

Self-timer woes on the left, and the bottom of the Falls on the right. I was having fun playing with my camera here. The sun was finally less crazy bright in the sky, and there were lots of different colours and textures to try and capture.

At Evil Dave's for the most expensive dinner of our lives...but so yummy as well! Lucas really liked the unique ceiling fans, (which you can purchase at Home Depot!) and both boys enjoyed the fire on tv, with a lot of questions from the Dude about "why"!

Amy & I used to go to Jasper every Thanksgiving weekend with our grandparents when we were younger (early teens). It was a special family tradition, and made for many happy memories. Dad suggested that maybe we'll have to start our own tradition, Amy & I, of taking our families there on Thanksgiving. I think that's a great idea!

What's one of your Family Traditions? Do you have a spot or a holiday that you keep coming back to??

P.S. I wrote this yesterday. I was feeling so sick, tired, and just not in a good place, so I took some time off work to clean up the giant mess I made the day before and de-stress. You know how a "vacation" is supposed to help kick the blues? The whole time in Jasper I was doing fairly well, but on the drive home I could feel the stress and the anxiety creeping back into my body. My chest tightening, my shoulders aching, my breath shortening. And no, I wasn't having a heart attack! HA! Today is a short work week for me, but a long life week...I'm just so thankful that my jobs allow me some flexibility to do this when I need it, cause I really needed it this week.


  1. Seeing these picture made me want to go to Jasper. Cory & I haven't been in so long. I LOVE Mount Edith Cavell and Angel Glacier too. So pretty. Do you ever go back through your photos and see the difference in the glacier... makes me sad.

  2. Awesome pics, Lisa! Sorry I haven't been around, moving from one town to another and no internet connection. I totally get the stress creeping back in thing-totally!


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