Friday, October 21, 2011


I've been going a little crazy in the fashion department lately, mixing colours and patterns that should probably never be seen together! HA! But it's all in good fun, and I never did take myself - or my clothes - too seriously. Let's see what you think...

Plaid + Stripes...and Sandals with many fashion "faux pas"!!
This is mostly a thrifted outfit: skirt, belt, tee. The tights are Joe, and the shoes are my fave unknown shoe-store shoes!

This next one I have to share with you because I look like such a lollipop! My turquoise coat, my navy bag, my purple headphones and my pink tights! I actually got a complimentary look from some young Hipster Grant MacEwan student as he was walking to the LRT (and I was walking to my car)...and yes I'm sure it was complimentary and not condescending! I still gots it!!
Jacket is Atmosphere. Ward Air bag is antique mall. Headphones are UO. Skirt, belt and shoes are thrifted. Tee is Joe (maybe), and tights are maybe old Addition-Elle. Vintage rhinestone brooch (from my GG's stash). As you can tell, these "outfit deets" aren't meant to be helpful in any way, shape, or form! HA!

Okay, that's enough colour for one day...or one week!! Or one lifetime...but not mine! I have a bunch more outfits that I'm going to transform into a "Rule of Three" post next week. Bet you're just dying for that one!!

I spent some time in the Whyte Ave Value Village yesterday, and picked up some age-appropriate "blouses" - gosh what a word! - and some jeans. The costume-crazies are all a-crazy in there right now! I could barely move in the change room thanks to all the discarded robes and capes. But I made out like a bandit...again! I put it "out there" to the Universe that I was looking for a cropped sweater and some sweat vintage-looking blouses and I totally scored on both counts!! Yay me!

Things on the go today:
- Clean Studio (oh god...)
- Altered art for TM
- Finish some layouts (if I get the time)
- Paint DR wall
- Buy shelving brackets

Russ is playing poker with some work friends tonight, so the Dude & I have the house all to ourselves! I think we might have to make a DQ run...


  1. I Love these outfits Lisa!! and those tights :)
    Hey I signed up for your class in November (the canvas one)! Woot!

  2. HOLY COW you're getting skinny , Lisa! Looking fine!


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