Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Favourite...what the?!

It's back, for this night only...well...we'll see.

I found this lady's blog through the American Crafts new DT announcement. She is awesome! But, specifically, her use of random bits of thread swirled around her scrapbook layouts is awesome.

Check it out...

And check out my version of the same...
This is a layout made from the stash of my September kit. I stitched the green and blue ribbon in place and then used the thread cuttings underneath the die cut hearts.

I have so many bits of thread collecting in corners and on the bottoms of feet thanks to my sewing machine. And [don't judge me] I feel bad when I throw them in the garbage. (I have a problem...I know this). So I am going to start gluing them on to my layouts. This is my New Favourite...

Thank you Lilith.

For more September kit layouts this size check out this post on the TM Inspiration Blog.


  1. I have to agree, very cool idea. I spent a fair bit of time enjoying the TM Inspiration blog today, when I was supposed to be working. LOVED it.


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